It is his simplicity of style and uncontrived technique that make the work of Jack Salb so striking. The eye of his camera is his canvas: framing each photo exactly as he sees it.

A native of New York City with an extensive career in advertising at major agencies and corporations, Jack Salb was strongly influenced by the environment of the creative industry in which he worked. . . as well as the city's vistas of stark grey and black. He studied, early on, with Joseph Breitenbach – one of the original fraternity of LIFE Magazine photographers.

Moving to La Jolla in 1986, and finding a new landscape in the west, Jack Salb pursued his work in photography -- participating in the Santa Fe Workshops where he began his portfolio of the "high road" between Santa Fe and Taos and later with his extensive work in San Miguel de Allende.

Cities particularly hold a fascination for him. Paris, New York, Barcelona and Prague have been among his urban landscapes. Further afield, the exotic textures of Morocco and Mexico have inspired some of his most dramatic work.

There are no hidden agendas or contrivances in Jack Salb's work. His subjects are presented with clarity and great integrity. And it is his approach to presenting these simple realities that marks his distinctive photographic style.

Jack is a member of the San Diego Art Institute where his works have consistently been selected for exhibit in the on-going juried shows as well as the Southern California Regional shows. His photographs were chosen for both the 2002 and 2003 Southern California Regional Shows and he was featured in two solo shows: one in June 2006 and the second in June 2011.

Jack's work has been exhibited in a number of fine galleries and many works are held by private collectors in San Diego as well as New York, San Francisco, Utah, Colorado, Tokyo and Paris. The global biotech company, ILLUMINA, has purchased a number of his works for their permanent art collection.